Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs February 5, 2017


Just in time for those cold winter nights, try two new Taylor Farms items:  Stir Fry Meal Kits and Cauliflower Pearls! Enjoy the premium vegetable blends in their Stir Fry kits including fresh Broccoli florets, Peas, Brussels Sprouts and Kale – deliciously good for you!  Taylor Farms mixes up the jni-2-5-17vegetable blends in each kit and includes a premium and tasty cooking sauce for a wonderful side dish or vegetarian meal.  Simply add your favorite protein or grains for a one pan satisfying meal.   They include recipes on their kits. Cauliflower is seriously impressive – one of nature’s most nutrient-rich veggies!  Whether you love Cauliflower mashed, sautéed, baked or even as a low calorie rice alternative, the new Taylor Farms Cauliflower Pearls are exceptionally versatile, gluten-free and Paleo friendly.  Look for delicious, easy-to-follow recipes on the back of every package.  Enjoy today! Look for Taylor Farms Stir Fry Meal Kits and Cauliflower Pearls in the Produce Department.

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