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Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs December 25, 2016 pamperseasyupsgirlstrainingpantsPAMPERS EASY UP TRAINING PANTS When Mom begins to potty train her toddler, she looks for a partner to help her through the journey – which takes on average 3 months.  This can be a very trying and frustrating time, so Mom wants a partner pant that provides her with dependable leakage protection, day and night.  She knows her child isn’t going to master potty training in a day!  She also needs the pant to be a practice tool so her toddler can learn how to use underwear – pulling it up and down. Pampers Easy Up Training Pants reinvention will again make training pants the partner that Mom needs during her potty training journey by meeting BOTH of her needs.
  1. New Easy Ups provide the dependable leakage protection that Moms expect from Pampers, resulting in fewer leaks both day and night.
  2. They help a toddler learn how to use underwear – pulling it up and down.
Find the New Pampers Easy Up Training Pants in the Baby aisle.

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