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Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs October 23, 2016 THE ORIGINAL SOUPMAN theorigisoupman17chickegumbNew at Price Chopper – The Original Soupman, the famous soups featured on Seinfeld! Since 1984, The Original Soupman has defined excellent and imagination in the art of soup.  Their iconic original store on 55th Street in Manhattan was voted Best of New York, ZAGAT Best and generated such loyalty and lines that “Seinfeld” memorialized the phenomenon in a famous soup episode. You don’t have to visit their store to taste their famous soups as they are now available in Tetra Pak eco-friendly cartons in the Soup aisle, where you can find 6 unique flavors: Lobster Bisque:  Chunks of 100% real Lobster from the cold waters of the North Atlantic are blended with onions, celery and potatoes, finished with fresh cream and sherry Crab & Corn Chowder:  Premium Alaskan Crab meat is simmered in a rich creamy soup loaded with onions, celery, potatoes, carrots, corn, peppers, tomatoes and spinach, finished with sherry wine Chicken Gumbo:   Chunks of plump chicken breasts, tomatoes, okra, bell peppers, carrots, collard greens and celery are simmered together with garlic, butter, spices and just the right amount of chili peppers Chicken Noodle:  A hearty blend of fresh chicken chunks and garden vegetables including carrots, potatoes, asparagus, parsnips, yellow squash, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and noodles simmered in a chicken broth and seasoned with garlic and a unique spice blend Shrimp Bisque with Orzo:  Whole shrimp are simmered in this rich creamy soup packed with orzo, onions, celery and potatoes finished with sherry wine Jambalaya:  A unique blend of whole shrimp, chunks of crabmeat, scallops, crayfish, fresh chicken and spicy andouille sausage cooked with onions, carrots, peppers and just the right amount of spice in a rich tomato based stew. The Original Soupman Soups taste fantastic and have no preservatives.  Soup for You!  Go to the Soup aisle and try one of them today!

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