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Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs September 4, 2016 HEINZ BBQ SAUCE MADE WITH THE MASTERS Heinz worked with some of the nation’s top pitmasters to create a collection of authentic regional barbecue sauces that taste even better than they look.  Which ‘cue are you? When most people think of ‘barbecue sauce’ – they are thinking about Kansas City barbecue sauce.  This is a classic barbecue sauce with a blend of sweetness, spice and tang that is often thick and rich, too. Memphis barbecue is known for its use of dry rubs and these spice blends are incorporated into the Heinz Memphis style sauce.  This sauce has more spice than a Kansas City style sauce and a complex sweetness from real brown sugar. Texas style barbecue sauces are tomato based and include earthy chili powdheinz bbq sauce 9.4.16ers and spices, black pepper and a smooth smokiness.  This sauce is bold, but balanced, with a smooth spiciness and not overly sweet. In the tradition of Carolina barbecue, this sauce delivers the distinct tanginess of apple cider vinegar with just the right amount of sweetness and spice.  The thinnest of the major regional barbecue sauces, Carolina style sauces are perfect for pulled pork and chicken. Look for Heinz BBQ Sauce Made with the Masters in the Condiments aisle

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