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Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs August 28, 2016 CURAD TRULY OUCHLESS! and PERFORMANCE SERIES curad20ouchleflexibfabricMedline CURAD has been known and trusted in North America for quality products since 1951.  Today they continue to offer innovative solutions to help and heal consumers. When it comes to cuts and burns, one of the most common places for these injuries to occur is in the home, specifically the kitchen and bathroom.  Just like injuries, all bandages are not the same.  That’s why having the right products at the right time can make all the difference.  CURAD announced a few new products to its innovation lineup – Truly Ouchless! And Performance Series – making hospital-grade technology available at home to consumers. We are proud to announce that these new CURAD products are now available at Price Chopper in the First Aid aisle: Truly Ouchless! – Ouchless technology has been taken to a higher level.  Truly Ouchless achieves exceptional bandage protection without the hurtful removal.  Plus, the advanced adhesive is totally repositionable.   That makes it easy and “Ouchless” to cover wounds the right way – or peek at how they’re healing. Performance Series – These are the bandages that won’t quit.   They feature Extreme Hold adhesive technology to stay on until you take them off.  Tough, heavy duty fabric offers outstanding protection and is also breathable and flexible.  The colored wound pad is three times more absorbent than most other leading brands. Look for CURAD Truly Ouchless! and Performance Series in the First Aid aisle.

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