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Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs August 21, 2016 BERTOLLI ORGANIC OLIVE OILS Introducing the first full line of orgaBertolli organic olive oitnic olive oils from Bertolli! Bertolli Organic olive oils are certified USDA Organic and Non GMO Verified. With Bertolli Organic olive oil, you can now drizzle, sizzle and bake organically for all your culinary occasions.  The Bertolli Organic Extra Virgin olive oil is ideal for cold dishes like dressings and marinades.  Use Bertolli Organic Pure for higher heat cooking like sautéing, grilling or broiling. When you are looking for an oil light in taste for baking or frying, Bertolli Organic Light Tasting olive oil brings the benefits of olive oil to your dish without the olive taste.  Enjoy all the benefits of olive oil in your organic cooking with Bertolli. Look for Bertolli Organic Olive Oils on the Condiment aisle.

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