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Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs June 19, 2016   QUAKER BREAKFAST FLATS   Full of delicious ingredients to help fill you up and help satisfy even the busiest of mornings – introducing NEW Quaker Breakfast Flats. Quaker Breakfast Flats   At the heart of their newest creation, you’ll find delicious ingredients like crunchy almonds, tart cranberries, sweet bananas, golden raisins and whole grain oats.   Open a box of Quaker Breakfast Flats and discover a treasure trove of taste with three delicious flats in each serving!   With real fruit, crunchy nuts and 18g of whole grains – all at less than 200 calories – Quaker Breakfast Flats are a great snack to help satisfy your morning hunger, wherever the day takes you.   Look for NEW Quaker Breakfast Flats in the Granola Bars aisle.

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