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Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs June 12, 2016 BLUE BUNNY – SIGNATURE FLAVORS What’s Hoppin’ at Blue Bunny? We’re glad you asked.  Blue Bunny is always up to somethin’ good, whether it’s crafting a fun new flavor or going on an adventure with Blu.  Here’s the scoop on what’s happening at Blue Bunny.  They’re on a mission to bring more fun and excitement to ice cream. Blue Bunny Banana Split That’s why they’re bringing more fun to the freezer with 9 new flavors.  You will be so happy with the amount of yummy ingredient pieces and delicious ribbons of goodness that you will want to try each flavor. Plus, their new clear packaging allows you to see the goodness inside the package!  Made from trusted dairy farms surrounding their Blue Bunny Iowa plant, the milk goes from “cow to wow” in 24 hours. Look for Blue Bunny Ice Cream, SO HOPPIN’ GOOD! in the Frozen aisle.

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