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Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs April 10, 2016


GoodnessKnows Snack Squares reminds us that doling a little good for yourself can go a long way.  Crafted with real fruit, whole nuts and dark chocolate in bite-size portions, Goodness Knows snack barsGoodnessKnows Snack Squares are the perfect satisfying snack. They come four squares per pack – only 150 calories per square.  Perfect for sharing or portion-control. Try all three varieties – Cranberry Almond, Apple Peanut and Peach and Cherry Almond Look for GoodnessKnows Snack Squares in the Nutritional Bar aisle.  


Fresh creamy milk.  Pure can sugar.  Vanilla straight from the bean.  Mangos that make Talenti-Gelatoyou question what life would be like without mangoes. The world is full of ingredients that are great at being delicious – so great, that Talenti knew they had to use them in their Gelatos and Sorbettos.  And Talenti does it in such a way that doesn’t let anything interfere with their goodness. Which, in turn, creates a goodness that spoons just can’t seem to resist. Talenti Gelatos and Sorbettos Contains 30% less fat than other ice creams.  Their Vanilla Caramel Swirl is a creamy vanilla bean Gelato with generous swirls of their signature dulce de leche. Look for Talenti Gelatos and Sorbettos in the Frozen aisle.  

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