Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

100% FRUIT FOR ALL100% fruit for all

At Charles & Alice, they believe fruit is perfect just the way it is – nature has already done the work! To capture that perfection, they created 100% Fruit for All, a great new way to enjoy all natural fruit in a fresh, convenient and healthy snack.  Their 100% fruit in cups contain no added sugar or GMO products – giving you and your family a perfect way to enjoy one serving of fruit. From their seeds to their orchards and fruit, from their packaging to your refrigerator, they are dedicated to crafting delicious wholesome goodness that respects the natural simplicity of their fruit and is good for you, for your family and for the earth. Enjoy this entirely new way to eat and experience fruit in 4 delicious varieties: Raspberry                           Blueberry Cherry                                 Mango Look for 100% Fruit for All in the refrigerated Produce section.

EDY’S FROZEN CUSTARDEdy's frozen custard

Frozen Custard has been rooted in Mid-Western culture since the 1930s, but the concept actually began at Coney Island in New York in 1913 when two ice cream vendors discovered they could create a richer texture by adding eggs to the mix. It then spread to Milwaukee, Wisconsin after being introduced to a wider audience at the World’s Fair in 1933.  Edy’s has come to the decision that Frozen Custard is too good a secret to keep among the custard stands in the Mid-West. Edy’s is now offering six all new varieties of Frozen Custard and Price Chopper will help bring this great new treat into homes across the Northeast. It’s time to “up” the standards of Premium Ice Cream, and with an emerging treat that is rich in texture and tradition, highly indulgent and smoother and creamier than regular ice cream, Frozen Custard is no long a secret, but a product consumers can easily enjoy! Look for Edy’s Frozen Custard in the Ice Cream Section of the Frozen aisle.

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