Janes’ New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs

off clip on


It’s time to “Get Back Out There” and enjoy the Great Outdoors!  But, mosquitoes can keep you from enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. That’s why the OFF! Family of insect repellents protect you from the threat of annoying mosquitoes.  The newly designed OFF! Clip-On provides protection you don’t spray on, while the new OFF! Mosquito Lamp protects an area 10X larger than the leading citronella candle.  So Get Back Out There. Look for OFF! Clip-On and OFF! Mosquito Lamp on the SC Johnson rack.

Raid® KILLS BUGS DEAD!raid products

Along with the wonders of Spring come the bugs.  Now Take Back Your Home with Raid® products. Raid® products are designed to work together as a system to outsmart the bugs.  Sprays ATTACK and kill bugs on contact.  Baits and foggers CONTROL and kill bugs at the source.  And barriers PREVENT by keeping bugs out. Visit Raidkillsbugs.com to identify your bug, customize your system, get answers from Raid® experts and watch demos and how-to videos. Raid® Kills Bugs Dead! Look for Raid® items on the SC Johnson rack.

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