Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane N. Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs


                Pop-Secret brings families together with a new great tasting and healthy snack!  New Pop Secret’s “Ready To Eat” Popcorn meets the highest nutritional standards. Pop-Secret is air popped, has no trans fat, no artificial colors or artificial flavors, is made with Non-GMO Popcorn and Oil, is great source of fiber and is Gluten Free!  Three cups of Pop-Secret equals only 150 calories. Each bag of Pop-Secret “Ready To Eat” Popcorn currently highlights a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – and “turtle trivia”.  Look for special tie-in displays this fall with the DVD movie release.  New Pop-Secret “Ready To Eat” Popcorn comes in four great flavors – White Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Homestyle Butter and Salted. Look for new Ninja Turtle Pop-Secret in the warehouse snack section.

RONZONI HEALTHY HARVEST ANCIENT GRAINS PASTAk2-_564be526-4c53-4c28-998e-fbf7be99a502.v1

                The Ancient Grain trend is projected to continue growing and is considered the #1 food trend in 2014. Introducing Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains Pasta.  Made from a special blend of whole wheat, Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet, Sorghum and Teff, but with the same great taste as current Healthy Harvest Pasta. Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains Pasta is 100% whole grain and a great source of fiber with 20% of your recommended daily value. Look for Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Ancient Grains Penne and Spaghetti Ancient Grains in the Pasta aisle.

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