Jane's New Item

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs July 24, 2016 SKINNY COW CHOCOLATEY DIPPED ICE CREAM SANDWICHES Skinny Cow Ice Cream Treats are known for being sinfully rich in taste and anything but skimpy on portions. This Summer Skinny Cow is bringing you the new Vanilla Chocolate Dipped Sandwich.  Your favorite ice cream sandwich, now with more indulgent ice cream flavor, nestled between two cookies, then dipped in a velvety rich chocolate coating – all for less than 200 calories. You can now have something more indulgent and still have the peace of mind that you are not overdoing the fat and calories.Skinny Cow sandwiches Skinny Cow offers a variety of ice cream treats at a great price. Skinny Cow is not just ice cream – you can also find Skinny Cow in the Candy aisle. Skinny Cow Ice Cream treats can be found in the Frozen aisle with all your favorite ice cream novelties

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