Introducing Iron Chef America Home Meal Kits!

iron chef         Iron Chef America combines the spirit of competition, creativity and the art of cooking – whether you are a professional chef or an aspiring kitchen warrior – there is an Iron Chef that lives in us all.  Based on Japan’s original TV series, the long-running American version of the cooking game show is produced by Food Network.  ICA is a weekly culinary battle that pits chefs from near and far against one of its own Iron Chefs.  With less than an hour on the clock, a panel of judges is asked to taste and decide “Whose Cuisine Will Reign Supreme?”   ic2 Inspired by the successful program, the “Allez Cuisine!” home meal kits by Iron Chef America, allow you to become your very own Iron Chef!  Equipped with the finest ingredients, your passion for cooking, as well as with an open heart and an empty stomach, “Allez Cuisine!”, (loosely translated as “Start Cooking!”), invites you to create your own Kitchen Stadium and serve a delicious and nutritious meal for 4 in less than 12 minutes! Check out our Facebook page this week for a coupon on the home meal kits and learn how you can be your very own Iron Chef!

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