I Love NY Beers Month

June is I Love NY Brews Month at the growler station and we couldn’t be more excited! Throughout the month we will be featuring NY brewers at our growler stations. A number of different local beers will be available on tap throughout June, ready to be enjoyed. Swing by and discover new great tastes and experiences. The pour schedule is as follows below… June 4th Part of Ommegang Brewery’s Game of Thrones lineup, Pale Sour is a perfectly balanced, extremely drinkable beer. Its golden color and brilliant white head display an accurate depiction of Pale Sour’s tasty blend of sour and sweet. With a drinking experience often compared to that of white wine, this beer offers a soft mouthfeel with a smooth finish. Due to its perfect balance, Pale Sour is an excellent complement to rich, fatty foods. Also featured on June 4th are Shmaltz 518 IPA, Ellicottville Keepin It Peel IPA, Browns Crush Kolsch, Nine Pin Peach Tea Cider, and Southern Tier Lemon Drop Sun! June 11thgrowlerstationnybeerscrop copy (002).jpg The Shmaltz 518/838 collection is a celebration of New York’s Capital Region’s history as well as its future. Shmaltz Brewing Company is toasting to the introduction of a new area code in the region, 838, while paying homage to the growth and development of the area under the old area code, 518. The 518 side of the series is an ale brewed with Peruvian coffee, with the addition of hints of chocolate and vanilla. The beer pours a light brown hue, blending the coffee and chocolate into a relaxed vibe. Also featured on June 11th are Ommegang Game of Thrones Pale Sour, Ellicottville Keepin It Peel IPA, Browns Crush Kolsch, Bronx Summer, Saranca Strawberry Tart, Nine Pin Peach Tea Cider, and Southern Tier Lemon Drop Sun! June 18th Saranac Strawberry Tart is a Wild American Ale brewed by Matt Brewing Company / Saranac Brewery in Utica, NY. A sweet and sour Berliner Weiss, Saranac Strawberry Tart offers tastes of wheat, lemon, and strawberry. It is a very drinkable, refreshingly tart ale, perfect for the summer! Also featured on June 18th are Bronx Summer, Adirondack Easy Hike IPA, and Davidson I-87. June 25th Brewed by the Adirondack Brewing Company, Easy Hike IPA is the ideal beer for all of the outdoor summer activities offered by the beautiful Adirondacks. It is a hoppy beer that uses Lemon Drop, Hallertau Melon, and Mandarina Bavaria to create a wonderful summer blend. Easy Hike, as its name suggests, is an easy, drinkable all day beer. Also featured on June 25h are Ommegang Witte, Cooperstown Bambino, Ithaca Hopkist, Saratoga Juicifier, and Davidson I-87 July 2nd Ithaca Hopkist, coming from the Ithaca Beer Company, is a citrus IPA made for the hot summer months. It features a mix of Honey Malt, Citra hops, and citrus zest coming together for the perfect blend in the sweltering weather. Hopkist brings a smooth taste and an extra refreshing feel leaving you satisfied all season long. Also featured on July 2nd are Ommegang Witte, Cooperstown Bambino, Saratoga Juicifier, Druthers, and Empire Peach Buzz. Cheers. As always, please enjoy responsibly!   growler station pic.jpg

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