Holiday Saving Tips from I Am THAT Lady!

Guest post written by Lauren Greutman

Planning meals around the holidays can be stressful to say the least, that is why I lean towards some of my favorite Price Chopper products to help save money, stress, and time around the holidays!

When planning for big family holiday meals, my first stop is the butcher counter for custom cuts of Price Chopper meat.  They have a fabulous and knowledgeable butcher who will help you to choose the right cuts and size that will be perfect for your guests.  They can even season it for you if you would like.  You can also pre-order specific cuts of meat, like a prime rib or a ham, ahead of time.   This will help you save time and money from purchasing too much or too little.

Next step is appetizers.  When you have been slaving over the stove all day, save time and energy with purchasing Central Market products such as Tomato Bruschetta on Toasted Price Chopper Italian Bread, or Olive Tapenade over Central Market Crackers.  

I have cooked enough holiday meals to know that I do not want to be cooking dinner the next day.  You could pick up a Price Chopper frozen pizza to throw in the oven the next night, making it quick, easy, and stress free… not to mention a lot less expensive than ordering a pizza out.  I always take this into account when looking at my holiday budget.

To me the holidays are about spending time with the ones that you love, not stressing over making enough food!  That is why I love using Central Market, Full Circle, Clear Value, and Price Chopper Naturals products to help save me time and money around the holiday season.

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