Heirloom Artichokes

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Steamed Artichokes with Butter

Nothing says spring more than fresh produce and this week, we have a great deal on Ocean Mist Heirloom Artichokes. Stop by your produce department and pick some Heirloom Artichokes- they are on sale 2 for $4 through Saturday! Tell us how many cases of artichokes you think we’ll sell this week (hint: there are approximately 12 artichokes in a case) and you could win a $25 Price Chopper gift card! Leave your comment below and on our Facebook page by Saturday, the 29th and we’ll pick the 4 winners who have the closest guess.  Read official contest rules here. The Heirloom artichoke is the “original” variety brought to California in the early 1900’s by Italian Immigrants—long time growers refer to them as the classic Green Globe variety. Ocean-Mist-Logo-BW-72dpiDid you know these artichokes are never grown from seeds? They grow only from the same root stock that has been passed down to each family of farmers for more than 90 years. Over 99% of all artichokes grown in the US come from California. Additionally, 95% of the heirloom artichoke comes specifically from the region of Castroville, California. Castroville, the artichoke capital of the world, is located right along the Pacific Ocean’s Monterey Bay and is home to the annual Artichoke Festival. Artichokes are a Nutritional Powerhouse for Fiber and Antioxidants:
  • FIBER: one Artichoke (120 grams) is an “excellent source” (providing 10.3 grams) of dietary fiber, meaning — according to the Food and Drug Administration —Artichokes provide 20 percent or more of the Daily Value of fiber.
  • VITAMIN C-ANTIOXIDANTS: A study from researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture found that Artichokes ranked seventh in total antioxidant capacity per serving out of more than 1000 common foods, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts, etc.
  • The size of an artichoke is dictated by where it grows on the artichoke plant. Jumbo, Large size artichokes grow at the top of the plant. Small, baby sized      artichokes grow at the bottom of the plant.
  • Any size artichoke: Don’t forget to rinse! Before cooking artichokes, rinse and brush off under cold water.  This will remove the natural thin film an Artichoke produces while growing that can give the choke a bitter taste.
  • Baby Size Artichoke: To prepare for cooking: Snap off the outer layer of petals until you reach the pale, yellow green layer of petals. Then trim off stem and remove the dark green top tip of petals that will also cause a bitter taste if not removed.
  • Long stem Artichokes: The stem is an extension of the heart. To prep: Peel the long stem of the Artichoke with a vegetable peeler until you reach the pale green flesh inside.
How to Simply Steam Artichokes
  1. Cut the stems off the artichokes
  2. Cut off approximately the top 1/2 inch of the artichoke
  3. Trim the tips off of all petals with kitchen scissors
  4. Bang the cut side on the edge of a table to open up the artichoke petals
  5. Boil water, adding a few lemon slices & the pealed stems of the artichokes
  6. Place face down on steamer basket and steam until underside of leaves are tender
  7. Peel off petals and dip in butter (or your sauce of choice) & enjoy!

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