Healthy Eating Resolutions

What are your healthy eating resolutions and how can we help you stick to them?  We are interested in learning what we can do to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle goals.  Below are three resources that we already have in place to help our customers enjoy a healthy lifestyle!  Tell us how we can help and you could win $50 in gift certificates to Price Chopper!  Don’t forget to post both below and under the corresponding Facebook post to be entered to win.  Read official contest rules here

Scores summarize 30 nutrients into one easy to use score, from 1-100.  The higher the number, the more nutritious the food is!  Use the NuVal Scores on the shelf tag to make better-for-you choices throughout the store.  Find the brouchure at the pharmacy, meat and seafood counters.  Choose food items that score above the average for the food category to make sure you are making your best choice. 

Enjoy a Mediterranean lifestyle with Eating Well recipes—they inspire great meals that also protect your health!  All Eating Well recipes are suitable for diabetes and heart health, and include nutrition analysis for those who need nutrition facts.  Eating Well recipes can be found in most stores in seafood, meat or produce departments or online at under the Recipes link.  There are also great articles on nutrition and diabetes there, under the HealthyU link.

Gluten Free is easy at Price Chopper!  Find the gluten free shelf tags throughout the store and pick up a copy of our gluten free brochure.  Gulten free recipes cooking videos, tips and a list of gluten free Price Chopper and national brand items are all on the Price Chopper website under HealthyU.  Print the coupon below for $1.50 off Kellogg’s products!









11 responses to “Healthy Eating Resolutions”

  1. Please add more organic food. its so yummy and so much better for the body

  2. I’d like to see even more fresh fruits and vegetables…

  3. Mary says:

    I would like to see more organic food as well! We have a family of six so some sales on organic would benefit our family so much!!!

  4. Loree says:

    I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Coupons on these items would help on the grocery bill.

  5. Cynthia Green says:

    making better choices such as fruits, vegetables and nuts rather than chips and candy will help with weight loss. Exercise is a must !

  6. Lisa Rokjer says:

    I actually think Price Chopper already does an awesome job to promote healthy eating. The recent coupons for cases of bottled water and clementines have been very helpful, along with the buy 1 get 1 free sales on Dole salads and bagged vegetables. At the Price Chopper I go to the entrance is right at the fresh produce section so I start every shopping trip with fruits and vegetables. There’s also a great selection of organic and locally grown foods. Keep the produce coupons and sales coming!

  7. coupons for healthy,organic food.also full nutrition information on foods made in the store!!!

  8. Denise says:

    Please consider doing a display the first weekend of each month. Maybe title :Healthy Choices” Offer coupon specials for the featured healthy choices. Beginning of the month more people have money to budget for food including those on social security and retirement pay. Starting off with these featured specials and grow the project as the interest increases. You could include some taste testing, coupons, recipes for featured products. Have people on hand to answer questions. Please consider this option.

  9. Carrie Ann Stevens says:

    Coupons for fruits and vegetables are a must. I try to feed our family, which is 3, and it is expensive and can’t always buy it. Thank you for listening.

  10. I love price choppers produce and meats the quality is always better than the competitors , but the price is not always the best value
    I would love it if I only had to go to one grocery store to get the best price and quality
    fresh produce, herbs, meats ,green teas, water etc and gas credits is the best program out there . my daughter and I use the same card and have saved hundreds on gas .

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