Happy Pi Day!

It’s the fourteenth of March: National Pi Day! March 14th is observed as Pi Day, in celebration of the mathematical constant Pi (3.14). The United States House of Representatives officially recognized National Pi Day in 2009, as a nod to the first three significant figures in Pi: 3, 1 and 4. While we’re all for celebrating mathematics at Price Chopper & Market 32, we really like to celebrate food, so we tack an “e” to Pi on 3/14. Enjoy an 8″ Pumpkin, Cherry or Coconut Custard Pie for $3.14, in-store on March 14th only! PiDay3-14 If you’re into poetry, we’ll be sharing some pie-focused #PiDayPoetry today on our Twitter and Instagram pages (@pricechopper). Use the hashtag to join in on the poetic action: we’ll select one Pi Day Poet to receive a $10 gift card (to use on pie!). We hope you enjoy plenty of Pi(e) today!    

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