Happy Friendsgiving!

Tis the season! Each year November rolls around and we begin to prepare for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and more: it’s a certainly a busy time. Recently a new holiday has emerged into the mix and seems to gain popularity every year. This holiday is now known as Friendsgiving!

Friendsgiving is a product of the millennial lifestyle. Breaking traditions and doing things differently is common among younger generations today, even in the celebration of holidays. Some may live and work away from their families and some may not have the time and means to travel for Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s simply more comfortable and more fun to celebrate with friends. Plus, these days the definitions of family are expanding and close friends are often turned into chosen family.

In many cases, Friendsgiving is celebrated not in place of Thanksgiving, but in line with it: Friends gather together the weekend before or after Thanksgiving with their favorite cuisine. This is something that has gone on for a long time, but somehow it’s become its own holiday, and the celebrations continue to grow larger.

The popular TV show “Friends,” has been given some credit for the emergence of Friendsgiving. People watched Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Ross celebrate Thanksgiving together each year, and decided they wanted to do the same. Yet, it can’t be confirmed that this is the exact origin of the holiday. In fact, Merriam-Webster points out that the term “Friendsgiving” can only be traced back to 2007, while “Friends” ended in 2004. Either way, the show portrays the perfect picture of what Friendsgiving is all about.


Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays, but we also love Friendsgiving. Is there anything better than hanging out with close friends while enjoying a delicious meal? Plus, if you happen to celebrate both Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, you get to enjoy basically double the amount of incredible food. Hats off to you if you celebrate both!

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