Halloween Party Contest!

Want to win a FREE Halloween party for your kids?  Tell us about the best Halloween costume either you or your kids ever wore! Halloween is one of the most creative holidays of the year!  We’re getting into the Halloween spirit here at Price Chopper and we want to help you do the same!  Tell us about the BEST Halloween costume either you or your kids ever wore and one lucky fan will win a FREE kids Halloween party! Comment below and on our Facebook page to be entered to win a ½ gallon of apple cider, a pumpkin-decorated message cookie, a pumpkin pull-apart cupcake cake, a single layer pumpkin cake and plates, cups and napkins! Check out our “Fall in Love with Fall” board on Pinterest for some excellent Fall decorating and baking ideas!  Also, don’t forget to stop into your local Price Chopper to check out all of our tasty fall treats in our Bakery!  We have everything you need to make your Fall celebrations complete!  All entries must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 19th 2012. Limit one entry per person. Don’t forget to comment below AND on our Facebook page for a chance to win.  Read the official rules here.  Good luck!

18 responses to “Halloween Party Contest!”

  1. Ann Marie Stelma Graff says:

    The best costume my son ever wore was to dress as his father. It was so funny to see him acting like his dad all night. He really had his father down pat.

  2. Rosa Nasca says:

    My daughter was born on october 20th, 2010 and for her first halloween we cut open a pumpkin and removed seeds and placed her inside the pumpkin for a sweet baby pumpkin pie!!!! Its was adorable!!!!!

  3. Eileen Viele says:

    OH my GOSH! My mother sewed Sylvester and Tweety Bird for my brother and I one year…I was 16 and he was 10, maybe? Sylvester was black and white Faux fur and had long white fur around his muzzle and a huge long stuffed tail! Tweety wore orange tights and had big orange feet! People at Clifton Country Mall thought we were paid characters for the Halloween Party!! Parents would ask if their kids could get their pictures taken with us!

  4. alyson says:

    When my daughter was 4 and my son was 18 months we descided to do wizard of oz. My daughter was dorthy my son was the scarecrow i was tinman( which was a silver sweat suit that u workout in when are trying to drop pounds) we dressed our 18 pound cat in a dog costume.! I have to say the cat was the biggest hit!

  5. Karyn says:

    My daughter Hanna was born 12 years ago today and her twin brothers will be one year old on October 28th!! So Halloween is a big deal in our house! The best costume Hanna ever wore was a Hershey Kiss for her 2nd Halloween (she just turned one) I can’t wait to come up with some creative twin costumes over the next several years!

  6. When my Daughter was 5 (12 years ago) she loved Snow Leopards and she found a snow leopard half mask. To complete the outfit we bought a white sweatshirt and white sweatpants. We turned the sweatsuit inside out so the fluffy side was facing out, then I used a black sharpie (or a few sharpies) and drew lines and dots to make a head to toe snow leopard.

  7. The best costume I ever wore was when I was about 8 years old and I wanted to be a “bride” for halloween and my mother actually allowed me to wear her actual wedding dress. I remember wearing that thing feeling like the most important person in the room! This year my 7 year old daughter whom is nothing like me. She wants to be a “ghost”. But not any kind of ghost a leppard print ghost. Because “that’s fancy mom” <3

  8. Danielle Caruso Momrow says:

    Spaghetti & Meatballs and an Italian Waiter! My daughter Emma was 5 mos old and in her car seat as Spaghetti & Meatballs with a fork (not real) and my 2 yr old daughter Grace was the Italian waiter (mustache & all)! handmade by myself

  9. Cynthia says:

    Two years ago our 4 year old went as a washing machines (home made from a nice box we painted) our 2 year old went as Tide laundry soap in a big orange box, and our one month old was in blue jammies and blue hat with Snuggle fabric softener labels on her.

  10. Best costume for me was the one I made for my daughter the first Halloween after we adopted her (she was 4 and we had had her in foster care for a year). When she came to live with us one of her favorite movies was Toy Story and she fell in love with Mr. Potatoe Head. I searched high and low, but could not find a costume. So….. the first time mom tried her hand at sewing, lol. It actually turned out great, and she LOVED it! I still have it tucked away in a closet, just can’t bear to part with it.

  11. Last year i dressed up as an extreme couponer. I had bloody teeth, black eyes, scars and hair ripped out. I also had coupons stuck in my hair and all over my clothes and i carried around a shopping basket. It was awesome.

  12. Lynn says:

    Best costume was when daughter was a number 2 pencil. Her dad made it for her out of a cardboard box. He painted it so that it evenhad an eraser on the top. My daughter was in Elementary school when she wore it, I do remember how funny it was to see her little face in the cutout hole, plus how she tried to walk in it without falling. She was so Cute!!! She was so proud and happy to wear the pencil costume

  13. Paulette Scales says:

    Years ago, when my children were little, I dressed my 11 years old daughter up as a big game hunter complete with pith helmet and camouflage clothing. She carried a large hand puppet monkey in one hand and in the other, a leash attached around the middle of her two year old brother. He wore an adorable leopard costume that I had made. Even after they’ve grown up, I still smile at Halloween when I think how cute they looked together!

  14. Marilyn Fuller says:

    My daughter dressed up like a movie theater floor one year. She wore black pants, black shirt, we pinned candy wrappers all over her, pieces of popcorn and she wore an empty popcorn bucket on her head as a hat.

  15. Michael Higgins says:

    When my son was little every costume had to be made out of a box ! Robot , refrigerator , ect…but the best was the rubics cube ! I used a large square box , cut out all the colored squares out of construction paper glued them on and his head came out the top , arms out the sides . It was the best looking costume from a box we ever made . When we went out that night cars honked and people yelled great costume !

  16. My son dressed as James Bond when he was in 4th grade. He loved all of the Bond Movies. He now is studying to be an engineer and is more like Q! I also dressed his infant brother as a red chili pepper that year. They grow so fast enjoy them!

  17. pricechopper says:

    Congratulations to our winner, Danielle Caruso Momrow and thank you to all who participated!

  18. Tammy Smith says:

    When I was in 8th grade I got this really furry blue fabric and dressed as cookie monster and made a big cookie out of cardboard – it was really good!

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