Halloween – It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore!

Don’t forget about your furry friends this Halloween – many of them want to be a part of the action, too!  There are plenty of fun ways to include your pets in your family’s Halloween festivities. 

1.  Dress up your pet to go along with costumes members of your family are wearing.  Make sure your pet is comfortable in his or her outfit! 

2.  Securely on a leash, let your dog show off their costume to all their neighborhood friends while taking the kids trick-or-treating!

3.  Make sure you have safe Halloween treats for your pets to enjoy while the kids eat their candy! 

4.  If your neighborhood is pet-friendly, organize a parade for the kids and pets!  Costume contests are a fun way to get everyone involved!

5.  Enter your pet in the Nestle Purina and Price Chopper’s Halloween Pet Photo Contest on Facebook!  Read the Pet Photo Contest Rules here.

It is important to remember that this holiday is not for all pets.  Here are some safety tips from Friends of Animal Care & Control to help make you and your pet’s Halloween safe and stress-free:

  • Make sure your animals are safely indoors for Halloween. You don’t want pranksters teasing, scaring or harming dogs and cats that are kept in front yards or wandering the streets Halloween night.
  • If possible, keep your pets in a spare bedroom for the evening. Dogs and cats can quickly dart out the door unnoticed and even the calmest dog may be scared by costumed visitors which could result in a bite.
  • Keep your pets away from Halloween candy. Chocolate can be toxic and cellophane or tin foil wrappings could get caught in your pet’s digestive tract, causing illness or even death.
  • Watch your pet around jack-o-lanterns. Curious cats may try to play with the flickering flame and a rambunctious pup could accidentally knock over the Halloween pumpkin.
  • Always supervise your pet while in costume.

Do you have other fun ideas or tips to treat your pet to a great Halloween?  Share them here!

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