Get Ready for National Hamburger Day!

Written by Sara Lilkas, Marketing Intern  National Hamburger Day is this Saturday! The hamburger, an American classic, is celebrated every year on May 28th. The hamburger has mysterious origins and started showing up on American’s dinner plates in the late 19th century. Part of what fueled the hamburger’s popularity was the Industrial Revolution, with more people working, there was an increased need for meals that could be prepared quickly. So what is it about hamburgers that draw the interest and taste buds of a nation? What used to be a simple meal of a ground beef patty stuck between two pieces of bread, has evolved into a dish that many strive to perfect. Take a look at the burger section of the menu the next time you go out to dinner. There are often so many variations that it’s often hard to choose which burger you want for dinner. It’s interesting to see how a meal that became popular over a century ago, more  out of necessity rather than flavorgourmet burger with blue cheese and sweet potato fries, still continues to captivate a nation. My perfect hamburger for instance has sautéed onions and a fried egg on top in addition to the more traditional toppings of lettuce, ketchup, and mustard. So tell us in the comments below what you will be eating in honor of National Hamburger Day!  

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