Get Grilling!

Written by Sara Lilkas, Marketing Intern  The official start of summer may not be until next month (June 20th to be exact), but I am already in the summer spirit! What appears to be a warm and beautiful May has me already searching the for the perfect summer recipes! Now what constitutes the perfect summer recipe? Does it have to be prepared on the grill, does it have to include a certain ingredient? As with most things involving food, your own taste buds are the only authority that truly matter. For me the perfect summer meal is something that’s really simple. I love a simple meal of grilled chicken with a side of grilled vegetables, but even though simple may be my favorite it can get boring every night of the week. For me summer recipes should be light, tasty, and hopefully they do not involve turning the stove on. So in my search for the perfect summer recipe I have stumbled upon a few that I know are going to become staples in my summertime recipe collection. Since there is a much wider variety of fruit in season during the summer months, I love incorporating strawberries, peaches and the like into my cooking as much as I can. I recommend this recipe from Dole, for Grilled Peaches with Crumbled Blue Cheese. They are a great side dish and do not take long to make! I absolutely love to make kabobs on the grill. The best thing about kabobs is that they can iStock_000078703591_Mediumbe customized for everyone you are making dinner for. When we have our friends over we usually have a kabob making station. I will have everything prepared in different bowls, a variety of  veggies, fruits, and proteins, then everyone gets to choose what they want on their kabobs! It’s a really fun way to make sure everyone is happy with their meal! For more summer recipe inspiration check out Price Chopper’s Savory Summer Pinterest Board! What will you be grilling this summer?

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