Genesee Beer on the Erie Canal

Connecting Lake Erie to the Hudson River, the Erie Canal remains one of the most impressive engineering feats in New York State history. In 1825, the canal opened for the first time, allowing for a more reliable and efficient way to transport goods to the market. Much of the same remains true in 2017.   Today, it carries a massive set of Genesee beer tanks down its waters, on their way to the Genesee Brewery in Rochester. The tanks began their journey on Monday May 22nd as they departed from the five Waterford NY locks. They’re currently traveling west up the Erie Canal, and are expected to reach their destination in approximately a week.   Genesee beer on the erie canal 1 At Price Chopper & Market 32, we’re proud to partner with the Genesee Brewery along with many other home.grown. craft brewers, artisans and producers in our Northeast region. The value of partnering with local businesses and supporting local products is very important to us. From bean sprouts to craft stouts, when it’s made or grown here, we get it here! We strive to be more than just a local grocery store: Instead, we look forward to being a neighbor and an asset to the communities around our stores.   Be sure to look out for the beer tank barges on their travels if they pass by your town this week. Genesee Brewery is encouraging supporters to “toast the tanks” in celebration of the long journey. We’re excited to join in on the fun! Teammates in our stores along the Erie Canal will be taking part in the action by snapping a photo with the barges as they pass through their town. Share your experience of the journey on social using #ToastTheTanks, and tag @PriceChopper on Twitter and Instagram! Genesee Tanks

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