Fresh Take on Family Meals

Meatless meals come in all shapes and sizes, and are another option to explore with families looking for different meals to make together. Pasta, cheese, beans, veggies, eggs – there are a lot of delicious dinners waiting for you, and they are budget-friendly too!

These are stressful times, and even younger children feel some of the effects. More family meals may be a silver lining of this chaotic moment – more time to cook and eat together promotes family bonds and feeling of security for kids of all ages. The more meals families eat together, the stronger their connection. 

Where to start?

Keep it simple – consider a new twist on old favorites, like a cheddar grilled cheese with thin slices of apple, or grilled mozzarella cheese with raspberry preserves – yum! Pasta has so much potential, and recipes are somewhat flexible – frozen or packaged tortellini is boiled, then sautéed with lemon and broccoli or peas – easy! Try (1 bag) frozen PICS ravioli boiled with (1 bag) of fresh or PICS frozen spinach. Drain, reserving one cup of pasta water. Mix a (6 Oz.) jar of pesto with the pasta water, then add to hot pasta and spinach. Top with some fresh grated parmigiana, and that one pot meal is a done deal!

Eggs are eggsciting – especially when you pair them up with tomatoes and chickpeas, like this Price Chopper Spicy Peppers and Chickpeas,  a crock pot time saver. The eggs are poached in the chopped tomatoes and spices, and the chickpeas ramp up the protein and texture. Dip slices of a fresh Bakery Vienna baguette in the tomato and egg combo, and watch it all disappear! Savory quiche is another eggscellent idea – quick and comforting. The base is the same for any variety – 4 eggs and 3/4 cup of milk, or 1 (12 OZ can) evaporated milk whisked together with veggies, cheese, leftovers, favorite seasonings – quiche is a great way to max flavor and stretch budgets! Make it fun with a container of fresh zucchini noodles, a 15 Oz. can (drained) of PICS Italian Diced tomatoes, and 1 cup of your favorite PICS shredded cheese. Breakfast for dinner is another opportunity for fresh fun – how about pancakes or waffles with chopped fresh or frozen fruit and whipped cream! You will put smiles on everyone’s faces – keep this one in your back pocket for rainy days.

Looking for a break from cooking? Our Food Service teams are serving up more pasta favorites, like Stuffed Shells, Linguini and Sauce, or Cheese Lasagna – look for the family size meals or mix and match the different options for a pasta buffet. Add a bagged salad mix and dinner is done!

Cabot Pita Pizzas

Hummus Naan Flatbread | Sabra-Flippo Berio

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