February Cheese of the Month🧀

Welcome to February! Amongst the cold and dreary weather of the winter, February proves to be a fan-favorite month due to a few different occasions: Valentine’s Day and the Big Game! Though these two days are vastly different, both can be elevated with good company . . . and good cheese! Price Chopper/Market 32 is thrilled to announce our cheese of the month: BelGioioso Blue Cheese! End the age-old “ranch or blue cheese” debate with our robust and tangy, blue-veined cheese!  

BelGioioso Blue Cheese is a crumbly and creamy cheese made from cow’s milk while being pierced with small holes, allowing air to penetrate and facilitating the growth of beneficial mold. Paired nicely with cured meats, bread and grapes, blue cheese is the perfect accent for any charcuterie board. Enjoy your BelGioioso Blue Cheese with a bottle of Riesling or the taste of a bitter-sweet chocolate stout to elevate your cheese experience!


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