Favorite Recipes from our Farmers

Favorite Recipes from our Farmers

We love sourcing fresh, home.grown. produce and products from our local farming partners. These products provide our families with delicious recipes to enjoy throughout the year. It’s always our goal to make your family feel the same way. We hit up some of our local partners to highlight some of the best dishes that use the fresh, local products that they produce themselves. Check it out!

Spicy Maple Mayo: At Butternut Mountain Farm in Morrisville, VT, maple is a staple. They have a website full of maple recipes beyond your typical pancakes and waffles. Spicy Maple Mayo, for example, would make an excellent condiment for Labor Day Weekend.

Maple for Dessert: Sticking to syrup, Mapleland Farms in Salem, NY suggests using maple to satisfy your sweet tooth.  They have so many delicious sweets on their website it was impossible to spotlight just one recipe. Check them out!

Summer Squash and Onion Quiche: A. Gurda Produce in Pine Island, NY benefits from their prime location in the “Black Dirt” region. Using some of North America’s most fertile soil to grow their onions, you can rest assured any recipe from these guys will be top notch.

home.grown. Corn Fritters: Our friends at Reeves Farms in Baldwinsville, NY hooked us up with this delicious recipe for Corn Fritters. It’s an easy, creative way for corn fanatics to get their fix.

Cold Hollow Apple Bread: Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury Center, VT features a number of comforting, tasty apple and cider recipes. Their signature Apple Bread is a must try if you’re a fan of fall flavor!

We’re grateful to work with so many great local producers who bring you and your family the finest home.grown. products all year round. Use Northeast-hailing ingredients in the best way possible by trying some of these all-star recipes. For everything you need, visit your local Price Chopper/Market or shop with us online.


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