Farmer Feature: Maple Lane Farms – Cheshire, CT

Maple Lane Farm Here at Price Chopper/Market 32, we have a way of celebrating the communities that we are a part of. We call it home.grown. Supporting the farmers and producers of the Northeast is something we’ve taken to heart since 1932. It’s our unwavering commitment to honoring our homegrown roots. This month we’re highlighting local farms from across the Northeast. Based in Cheshire, Connecticut, we’re proud to partner with Maple Lane Farms. Maple Lane Farms, a currant berry farm, has been a local partner of ours for over a decade. They specialize in black currants, a dark purple fruit with four times the vitamin C of oranges, and more antioxidants than blueberries. They also provide a healthy dose of iron, potassium, and organic acids. Today, Allyn Brown of Maple Lane, is the largest black currant grower in North America. He grows, harvests, and crushes the berries to create his Currant Affair juice. These juices come in Currant Affair Black Currant Juice and Currant Affair Black Currant Juice Blends, sold in Price Chopper stores. We are proud to work with local farms like Maple Lane Farms. Their dedication and hard work has allowed them to find success here at home. As a result, we are able to sell high quality, local products in our stores!

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