Introducing Emily’s FanGAStic Weekend Adventures!

FanGASticAdventures1 FanGAStic Fuel Savings are in full swing, and FanGAStic’s #1 fan Emily is taking full advantage of this exciting promotion, filling us in every step of the way! Emily is a Syracuse native who shops at our Erie Boulevard store in Dewitt. She’s earned 2X her regular Fuel AdvantEdge savings through July 4th, which inspired her to plan a series of weekend road trips all over the Northeast! Starting this Saturday, Emily will be hitting the open Northeast road to visit different parts of our Northeast region. She has a bunch of cool day trips planned that she’ll be sharing with us every Saturday evening! Stay tuned to discover some new day trip destinations, learn some Northeast-related history and take a peek into some of the local communities we’re a part of. Our region is home to lots of great places: well-known travel destinations, hidden gem hiking spots, hometown breakfast diners and so much more. We’re excited to share some of these places with you each weekend! Emily has her 2X fuel savings in full effect: If you haven’t signed up yet, visit to sign up to earn up to 4X your usual gas savings through July 4th. NOTE: Fuel AdvantEdge program not available in New Hampshire.

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