Exploring the Orchards: Apples 101🍎

Mia Teal

Marketing Coordinator, Paid Media

You know what they say about eating an apple a day! Today is National β€œEat an Apple Day,” so what better way to celebrate than with Price Chopper and Market 32. We have a variety of apples to choose from, including McIntosh Apples in tote bags, which are only .99 a pound this week! Make sure you browse our apple collection at the end.

Apples are more than just a popular fruit; they’re a symbol of crunchiness, sweetness, and wholesome goodness. From the refreshing sip of apple cider to the warm comfort of a homemade apple pie, these fruits have woven themselves into the fabric of our lives and culture. Oh, and we should mention that our locally sourced Market 32 Apple Cider is only $3.49 for a half gallon this week. Deals all around!

There are so many different types of apples out there that it may even be a little overwhelming. Fear not, let us take you through the journey of sweetness! We have picked six types of apples that we carry to feature here today. Let’s take a look…

Honey Crisp: The Honey Crisp Apple tends to be larger in size, juicy, and sweet. This variety is great for pie and applesauce.

Granny Smith: Granny Smith Apples are bright green, tart, and subtly sweet. These apples also work well in pies or sauce.Β 

McIntosh: McIntosh apples tend to be on the medium to smaller. These apples are red with green spots, and have a tart taste.Β 

Fuji: Did you know that Fuji Apples originated in Japan? How cool is that? These apples are red with areas of yellow and tend to be sweet and firm.

Cortland: The Cortland Apple has a vibrant red hue and features a refreshing, juicy white flesh. This variety tends to be tarte.

Pink Lady (Cripps Pink): The Pink Lady Apple is beautifully bright pink in color, and is most flavorful at room temperature.

Check out some recipes below for apple picking season!

Apple Dumplings: Warm apple dumplings are perfect for the cold weather approaching! Pair with PICS Vanilla Ice Cream for the ultimate duo.

Oven Grilled Cheese with Apples: Apples and cheese are a spectacular combo! Check out your soon-to-be new favorite recipe!

No-Churn Brown-Butter Apple Pie Ice Cream: When you make apple pie for your Thanksgiving feast, top it off with this ice cream! It is sure to be a hit!

Air Fryer Apple Churros: You may have had a cinnamon sugar churro, but how about an apple churro in the air fryer? Stop what you are doing and check out this recipe!


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