Essentials: Prepping for Health and Wellness

Essentials: Prepping for Health and Wellness 

Ellie Wilson

MS, RDN Senior Nutritionist

If you have been to our stores, you know that they are busy, and folks are grabbing items they feel they will need to manage during this unprecedented time. Given that it is still cold and flu season, it may be wise to include some of the list below on your shopping list. Those with chronic issues like diabetes or high blood pressure should follow health care provider recommendations and check with your pharmacist for personal information.  

Consider adding these items to your list:  

  •    • Clear liquids
  •          • Broths/clear soups
  •          • Clear soda, such as ginger ale
  •    • Ice pops/lollipops
  •    • Clear juices, such as apple juice
  •    • Dry cereal, such as PICS Toasted O’s
  •    • Saltines/Oyster Crackers
  •    • Tea – tea bags and prepared bottled tea

To assist with managing mild symptoms after diagnosis and promote social distancing if someone in your home becomes ill:

  •    • Acetaminophen/Tylenol
  •    • Ibuprofen
  •    • Cold medicine*
  •    • Pedialyte/Gatorade
  •    • Hand soap
  •    • Cough medicine* or cough drops

*Check with your pharmacist or health care provider if on medication for high blood pressure, or you have concerns regarding interactions.

Follow all health guidance from local authorities and your health care provider. Follow good hand washing and food safety guidelines as we all work together to keep well. We will all get through this together!


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