Dairy Delivers!

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN  Senior Nutritionist   Delectable, decadent, and delightful – dairy, in its many forms, delivers all that and more. Packed with protein, full of flavor and nutrients, familiar and affordable, wholesome dairy brings richness to so many foods. Dairy is one of our unique “natural resources”. We use milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese to bake, batch, sip and savor our way through delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. Welcome to Dairy Month, an annual national celebration of all that dairy brings us.   There would be no dairy without dairy farming, which encompasses time- honored heritage and forward-thinking scholarship – this industry keeps innovating, and is full of hard working, passionate people that ensure animals have the best care, and milk is the highest quality. About 97% of dairy farms are family-owned, generation after generation that have moved the industry forward and treat animals, land and the future with reverence and respect. Dairy also delivers crucial nutrients – milk, yogurt and cheese contribute 51% of calcium and 58% of Vitamin D for just 10% of the calories in the overall American diet.  
Ives farm calf

©Mitch Wojnarowicz Photographer Ives farm Bainbridge NY and Chobani plant tour

Follow the blog this month and learn more about how fresh, nourishing dairy foods make their way from farm to your table. We will be sharing our adventures on a cow-to-cup tour we took in New York State to explore the world of Greek yogurt with our friends at Chobani. Meet a local dairy family, the devoted haulers that bring milk from farm to plant, and the team that has helped grow a small company to one of the most popular Greek yogurt producers in the United States. We will also support the Great American Milk Drive, helping to bring milk to our communities that serve our friends and families that are less food secure. Of course, we won’t forget the cheese! It is all going to taste so good, and be good for you.   We love dairy – Price Chopper and Market 32 are highlighting dairy and dairy case items all month – you will love the selection and the savings. Celebrate with us!

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