Checking Out – Creative Roots Coconut Beverages

Checking Out - Creative Roots Coconut Beverages

Ellie Wilson

MS, RDN Senior Nutrionist

It can be challenging to ensure children are drinking enough – they get busy, are easily distracted, and can also be chronically fussy about what they will drink. Busy parents have a lot going on right now, especially concerning in a time when everyone is working harder to choose well and provide choices that support good health habits. Drinking water and staying hydrated is essential, and for families on the go, there is a new option on the shelves to explore and enjoy.

The Creative Roots Coconut Water plant-based beverage line starts with coconut water, and is then flavor enhanced with 15 % juice and natural sweetener stevia. Simple ingredient lists and exciting flavors, like Watermelon Lemonade and Peach Mango may be enough to tickle their taste buds and get them to finish up the right-sized 8.5 oz bottle every time they take one. Younger children may also like the fruity characters, The Sploots, decorating the label and sharing smart hydration messages. They feel good when they are hydrated, and you feel good knowing they are improving hydration without added sugars – one gram of sugar in each bottle.

How does this fit into your busy family routine? The Creative Roots Coconut Waters are perfect for grab and go when you are late for the game, headed out on the summer road trip, or playing in the backyard sandbox. It may be a great addition to a child or teen backpack as a handy hydrator in the middle of the day. More than 50% of children may be under-hydrated per a study published in the American Journal of Public Health ¹ – and with new policies in schools likely limiting access to water fountains, the Creative Roots line may be a good back up plan. Families can be confident in their risk management and supporting positive immune system biochemistry with hydration. Kids and adults love the flavor, and some seniors are packing these for their busy days as well. Explore all four flavors to find your favorites. Enjoy!


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