Celebrate your Child with American Girl!

Summer is the perfect time for us to relax, take a breath and reflect back on the school year. We know from our own experiences and from our child’s experiences that balancing school and life can be a challenge. The American Girl Doll “Girl of the Year”, McKenna is a great example that you can reach your dreams despite challenges that come your way. McKenna loves gymnastics, but struggles with reading, so she gets extra help after school. McKenna uses her strengths and great attitude to turn her challenges into triumphs-both at the gym and at school. Do you admire McKenna’s amazing attitude and strength?  Does her determination remind you of your child?  We want to hear your their stories! Have your child tell us about a challenge they have faced and how they’ve used their talents or strengths to overcome that challenge.  You’ll be entered to win four tickets (2 adults and 2 children) to the New York City Ballet American Girl Night at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) on Wednesday, July 11th at 8:00PM as well as two McKenna dolls! The winner will be announced on Friday, July 6th, 2012. The New York City Ballet American Girl Night is always one of the most popular nights in Saratoga! SPAC and American Girl Place host this celebration each year for girls and their families. At this event, children are encouraged to bring their dolls and experience a fun night of music, American Girl crafts, pink lemonade, sugar cookies, photo booths and great American Girl Doll giveaways! Have your child leave a comment below AND on our Facebook page by Thursday, July 5th about how they have overcome a challenge and you could win four tickets to the New York City Ballet American Girl Night and two McKenna dolls!  Read official rules here.

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  1. laura says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and specialists stated that she mayvnever learn to write , dress herself, tie her shoes ride a bike and so on. Well not only can she write but she also does cursive, she reads at or above grade level, dresses herself, ties her shoes , does karate, swims, rides a bike with training wheels, is in a regular class in school, she meets goals set for her so that we have to set new ones more often than originally scheduled. She is entering 4th grade in the fall and we cannot wait to see what new things she accomplishes . She would love to have these dolls, as a single mom I can only do so much and her medical issues are costly and daycare is more than my mortgage. Her father is not involoved and does not pay support as he does not work. My daughter is Megan, and this would be such an awesome thing for her, we actually tried ballet and dance classes but she just has so many issues that she held the class up which was unfair to the others. My daughter also has cerebral palsy , but a very mild form, it affects her legs but karate helps keep her lumber as does the swimming.

  2. Dee Tandlmayer says:

    my daughter would like to be entered into your contest. when she was little she had a speech impairment. AS she states ” I worked very hard to speak clearly so people would understand me” She would love to go to the ballet and have a doll that overcome a disability.

  3. Lisa Acheson-Peck says:

    My 4th grader has been bullied by the same child since 1st grade. With no help from the School, MANY days in tears and night sleeping with Mom & Dad, She finally had the courage to stand up for herself this year. Boy was the bully surprised that she FINALLY stood her ground and used her voice! ( & he got suspended fr a day!) She deserves this treat! The change in her self-esteem is amazing!

  4. Lisa Acheson Peck says:

    Lisa Acheson-Peck on July 1, 2012 at 10:03 am said:
    I know I already posted this but it cut off the end! I put in back on with the ending !!!
    My 4th grader has been bullied by the same child since 1st grade. With no help from the School, MANY days in tears and night sleeping with Mom & Dad, She finally had the courage to stand up for herself this year. Boy was the bully surprised that she FINALLY stood her ground and used her voice! ( & he got suspended fr a day!) She deserves this treat! The change in her self-esteem is amazing! Lizzy trained for a 5k this year. She ran it in 30.02. The program she trained with really helped her “find herself” she loves to run and as her body grew stronger , so did her mind!

  5. Bethany dalberto says:

    I am 8. My sister is 9. She can not walk or talk, but I love her very much. Mommy and daddy go to many hospitals with her. I have to be the big sister. I try to keep my sister happy and safe. It is a big job, but I love her. My sister walked 12 steps on her own this year, and I am so proud! I love my sister very much, and we go through. Lot to keep her safe. I would love to go to the ballet with her and have such a special doll. Thank you! Ceci

  6. Jessie says:

    It said have your child so I’m a child. I would love to win this because I feel I am just like her. I don’t do gymnastics, I do swimming. And I have trouble in math so I get help after school. At first I felt extremely embarrassed and stopped swimming for a whole year. But then my best friend Lily helped me and found me the strength and courage to swim again. Now I swim and do math after school on a schedule and find that lots of other people get help too. Thanks Price Chopper and American Girl. Good lucky everyone!!!

  7. Heather says:

    I have two girls that have made me so proud this year. My eight year old daughter had a rough year with bullies in her classroom. She was hit and called names. Though it all she never gave up. She stood up for herself and overcame her fear of confronting people.
    My three year old starting dancing school and was nervous at first, but continued to try. She just completed her recital on stage with everyone watching and was given an award for “future diva”. My girls continue to make me proud each day by their strong efforts to overcome their fears.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Casey says…. I have a brother who is on the spectrum and gets a lot of attention. He is my best friend but sometimes I am a little sad because he is bigger than me and gets to do more. This year I did dance class and I liked it very much. I felt a little shy but I tried my best and got to be on stage. I loved it and got roses and gifts from my family at the end it made me feel special. I would like to see the big girls dance on stage. Thank you!

  9. Cathy M says:

    My daughter Annie is 8. She is an amazing big sister to Laurie, who is 5 and has autism spectrum disorder. Annie works very hard to get her sister to interact with her, and that is quite a challenge. They attend the same elementary school, with Annie in the regular classroom and Laurie in a specialized autism classroom. Each day Annie comes into the lunchroom to check in on Laurie and to give her a kiss on her way to her own table. Because Laurie is non-verbal, she helps Laurie out by “speaking” for her when they go to sell Girl Scout cookies (Annie is a Brownie and Laurie is a Daisy). This year was special because Annie decided to run a 5K in honor of Laurie. She did very, very well. I’m very proud of Annie and her dedication to her sister. Cathy

  10. Barbara G says:

    My five year old Julia loves American Girls dolls and would love to have her own and go to the show. She is a great artist and has won several local art shows like the Cantina Fun Run Art Contest. She says” I like my Art and I like to write books. Practice and Practice and you will get better.”

  11. Amy P. says:

    My daughter Adriana has a passionate love for dance. Through her love of dance she has learned to express herself. Adriana has an Autistic Disorder that hinders her expression and social connections. She deals with many obstacles and challenges during school and social situations. She started Dancing Ballet and Jazz 2 years ago, dancing has allowed her to express herself freely without harsh criticisim from peers. Through dance she has learned to communcate with her peers and teachers. She has worked hard and overcame many challenges to be the dancer she is today. Adriana had set a goal for herself to become part of her dance school’s Competition Team. She has overcome the challenges that her disorder presented her this year and she made the team!!! Her perserverence and passion for dance drove her to work hard within the limits her disorder presents. Combinded with her love for American Girl Dolls and for Dance, attending the ballet would be a reward beyond words for her. I’m sure that she would be honored to be a recipent of such a reward and would be happy to share it with her Dance instructor, Miss Tara!

  12. Ilyssa A says:

    I read McKenna’s story to my little girl, Claudia, and she said, “That’s just like me! Tell them how I got rid of the witches!” Claudia used to be very afraid to sleep on her own at night. It broke my heart to hear her cry at bedtime. She would have nightmares and come to my room at night. She’s such a sweet little girl and she’s the smartest kid alive!
    One day, before bed, we were brainstorming some ideas to help her have peaceful, sweet dreams. She asked, “Do you think all monsters melt like in the Wizard of Oz?” She was refering to the witch that melts with water. “Yes!” I replied, excited about her creativity and courage. We grabbed a squirt gun and filled it with water. She shot a few “witches” in her room and watched them melt.
    Finally she felt safe. Her strength and creativity helped her overcome her fears. She slept with the squirt gun for a week or two, and eventually she could sleep sound without it.
    It’s an incredible thing to be inspired and encouraged by your child… but that’s what she does for me. She would love to win a new friend to take to the ballet. Thanks for the chance Price Chopper and American Girl!

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