Beyond Meat – Beyond Burger – Jane’s New Items

Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs July 22, 2018

Beyond Meat – Beyond Burger

Our nation’s obsession with red meat takes a large toll on the environment and our health, but Beyond Meat – the company behind the 100 percent vegan, Beyond Beef burgerplant-based Beyond Burger – want to change all that.  It introduced a savory patty made strictly from plants that it claims looks, cooks and tastes like red meat. Beyond Burger looks almost exactly like raw beef burgers.   The primary ingredient of the Beyond Burger, though, is pea protein.  The Burger is thick, like a real burger, and has a fatty mouth feel – that’s from coconut oil.  The outside does get crispy like real meat and the texture is very similar to ground beef. So if you love real beef burgers, you could be fooled by the Beyond Burger.  Beyond Burger has No Soy, No Gluten and is GMO Free. Look for Beyond Meat – Beyond Burger in the Fresh Meat Case with the Ground Beef.

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