Bacon Belongs in Everything!

Mia Teal

Marketing Coordinator, Paid Media

Where are all the bacon lovers? Well, this one’s for you! Whether you enjoy eating strips of bacon or chopping it up for your omelet, there are so many ways you can cook with this delicious meat. Before we dive deeper, how well do you know your bacon? 

Bacon comes from the side or belly of a pig, and has been a staple for many years. While bacon is most commonly enjoyed at breakfast, people can enjoy bacon for lunch, dinner, or even dessert! Nowadays, there are many varieties of bacon, including thick sliced, center cut, lower sodium, maple flavored, or even turkey bacon. To browse all bacon options at Price Chopper and Market 32, click here!

You may be wondering what exactly turkey bacon is. Turkey bacon is ground up white and dark meat, specifically from the breast, thighs, or skin of a turkey. Be sure to check out our PICS turkey bacon!

Check out some mouth-watering bacon recipes below!

Grilled Chicken BLT with Basil Mayo: A class BLT favorite, but spice it up with some basil mayo!

Bacon, Tomato, & Mushroom Strata: A hearty breakfast that you are sure to love! Fresh and delicious ingredients all around.

Buttermilk Bacon Pancakes with Bourbon-Maple Syrup: You’ve heard of chocolate chip pancakes or blueberry pancakes, but what about bacon pancakes? This is a must-try!

Smoky Grilled BBQ Salmon Salad: This salmon and bacon salad is loaded with veggies, which makes for the perfect summertime meal!




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