written by Jane Golub, Director In-Store Marketing Programs May 15, 2016 Airwick Life Scents LavenderIntroducing LIFE SCENTS, the newest and most effective air fresheners for your home. These wonderful new air fresheners are brought to you by AIRWICK, the leader in air freshener innovation.  LIFE SCENTS are more environmentally friendly than most other sprays as they use NO chemicals as a propellant – and come in an easy to hold attractive package. Airwick Life Scent Aerosols are available in the following fragrances: Fresh Sparkling Waterfall – A mix of wild berry, mountain stream and blue sage Sunny Morning Linen – The fresh scents of morning sun, fresh linen and apple blossom Sweet Lavender Days – Relaxing fragrance of lavender petals, dew berry and spun sugar Look for Airwick Life Scent Aerosols in the Air Freshener aisle.  

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