A Fresh Approach to Ground Beef

Ellie Wilson, MS, RDN Our relationship with food is changing, with so much more interest in sourcing, animal welfare and farming methods than ever before. This has opened up the conversation about how food moves from farm to table, as newer brands step into the arena and highlight their commitments to organic and sustainable practices. Exclusively offered at Price Chopper and Market 32, Strauss Brands Chiappetti Meats is one of those holistic companies bringing a variety of fresh meat items that speak to our customers in a new way. September is a busy month, and includes a return to routines and busy schedules for many.  Chiappetti is featuring their organic ground beef in our stores, a delicious foundation for recipes old and new.  Chiappetti highlights some great recipes with us – Mexican Stuffed Zucchini  puts their delicious ground beef together with the local bounty of fresh zucchini we have in stores right now. Their Caprese Burger recipe is an easy, fun addition to your burger repertoire, great for families or entertaining friends. September is National Family Meals Month™, and ground beef is such a family meals staple – easy favorites like meatloaf and hamburgers bring everyone to the table. Cooler weather inspires the return of casseroles – updated beefaroni, or a new version of shepherd’s pie. Try Chiappetti’s Mediterranean Meatloaf – global flavor and comfort food come together as an updated classic. USDA Certified Organic meats have to meet very important standards in order to merit the label. These standards include ensuring cattle have a safe area to graze, on certified organic pasture, for the maximum period of time outdoor grazing is available the area the farm is located in. They must follow strict care and health programs, with a written organic management plan that is certified and inspected by USDA agents. Chiappetti’s family farmers do not use antibiotics or hormones, or grains – all beef is grass fed and finished. You can learn more at http://straussbrands.com/. Enjoy a fresh approach with organic Chiappetti ground beef!

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