3 Reasons You’ll Love Little Leaf Farms Lettuce

3 Reasons You'll Love Little Leaf Farms Lettuce

Didn’t think you could “love” lettuce? Lett-uce tell you why Little Leaf Farms is deliciously different:

  1. You’ll love Little Leaf Farms lettuce because they show their lettuce love. Their baby greens are grown in an environment where every condition caters to exactly what the lettuce needs. These pampered greens are harvested at the peak of flavor, giving you a balanced and refreshing crunch that will make you crave your next salad.
  1. Little Leaf Farms lettuce is grown close to you! Did you know that 95% of lettuce in the United States is grown on the West Coast? That means it takes 10+ days to get to your local grocery store. Little Leaf Farms baby greens on the other hand waste no time – traveling from their greenhouse in Devens, MA to your local Price Chopper in the same day. This means that they will stay fresh in your fridge for two weeks or more and you’ll never have pick through slimy, wilted greens.
  1. Sustainability and food safety are built into every level of the Little Leaf Farms 10-acre greenhouse. They grow their greens using state-of-the-art technology to harness natural resources like the sun and recycled rainwater, and they never use harmful chemicals, pesticides, or GMOs. Their automated system ensures that Little Leaf Farms lettuce never comes in contact with human hands and harmful pathogens, so their greens are always clean and safe to eat. You don’t even need to wash them – just pop open the container and enjoy!

For your next salad, drizzle Little Leaf Farms greens with their simple yet delicious signature vinaigrette:


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