10 Essential Ingredients For Your Baked Potato Bar

10 Essential Ingredients for Your Baked Potato Bar

If you read our National Potato Lovers Month blog featuring different recipes and preparation methods, you may have been left wondering “what about baked potatoes?” Well, these American staples are so good we gave them their very own space to shine. We’ve put together a list of upgrades for you to build your own baked potato bar right at home. So gather your potatoes and let’s begin the journey.

  1. Monterey Jack Cheese: When it comes to adding cheese to a baked potato most people choose cheddar. However, Monterey jack is an excellent alternative and proves to be a great option for anyone looking to add a little boost.
  2. Jalapeños: The addition of jalapenos goes hand-in-hand with Monterey jack cheese. They’re delicious together, but jalapeños also do the trick on their own if you prefer not to include cheese.
  3. Avocado: Avocado recently became more of hit than ever before, foodies love it spread on their sandwiches and toast. But did you know it’s a great enhancer for your potato as well? Give it a try!
  4. Taco Seasoning: Taco seasoning is sure to add an adventurous twist. It’s a key ingredient to trying upgraded recipes like our Air Fryer Loaded-Taco Baked Potatoes with Guacamole.
  5. Marinara Sauce: Marinara Sauce also plays an important role in another one of our finest baked potato upgrades. If you aren’t in the mood for tacos try Air Fryer Loaded-Pizza Baked Potatoes.
  6. Mushrooms: A VIP ingredient in the recipe above. Even without making a loaded pizza baked potato, mushrooms add a nice flavor when combined with some of these other upgrades, like avocado.
  7. Everything Bagel Seasoning: Throw some cream cheese on and sprinkle in your preferred amount of PICS Everything Bagel Seasoning. Is it a potato, or a warm, fluffy bagel?
  8. Bacon Crumbles: Bacon is an awesome enhancer for pretty much anything. In this case, with some sour cream and cheddar cheese. Yum!
  9. Buffalo Hot Sauce: Buffalo hot sauce adds a fiery kick to your meal. We recommend buffalo sauce as it adds a layer of flavor with the heat, more so than any regular hot sauce.
  10. Bleu Cheese Crumbles: If you choose to try some buffalo sauce, bleu cheese is another excellent complement.

Baked Potatoes may appear simple, but there are a ton of delicious ways to take them up a notch. Of course, we love the classic baked potato with butter as the perfect side dish, but we’re also big fans of these upgrades. Stop by your local store for everything you need to try them today and let us know which upgrades are your favorite!


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