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Tools for Schools

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Tools for Schools

Earn Points Every Time You Shop

Our 2018 Tools for Schools program ended Dec. 29, 2018. Thank you to all who participated!

With our Tools for Schools program, you can earn points to help your school get needed equipment such as school supplies, musical instruments, and playground equipment – FREE! Your participation is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Verify that you're signed up for the program by entering your AdvantEdge card number above. If so, you'll earn points for your selected school as soon as the program begins Aug. 12. You'll continue to earn points for your chosen school through Dec. 29, 2018!
  2. Not signed up? Complete the enrollment form below and you'll begin earning points for your school within a week.
  3. Start shopping! Your points are automatically accrued on your card to be allotted to your school when the accrual period ends. Check your receipt in store for your Tools for Schools point totals throughout the program to see how your spending is helping your school!

Double Points Products

Earn DOUBLE POINTS when you buy our brands!

This year, your school can share in $400,000 for educational equipment! You'll earn points for your school on every dollar spent* - all purchases using your AdvantEdge Card will be automatically credited to your selected school. Every dollar earns a point... but you can earn DOUBLE POINTS when you choose our brands!

That's right - earn DOUBLE POINTS when you buy Price Chopper, PICS, TopCare, Simply Done, Full Circle, ValuTime, Culinary Tours and Pure Harmony products!

* Excludes alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, lottery tickets, gift cards, stamps, ticketing offers, tax, money orders and bottle returns.


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School Coordinators

Each participating school is asked to name a school program coordinator, whose role is to promote the program by distributing information in school, communicating the program goals and entering AdvantEdge Card numbers provided by parents into the program.

School Coordinator Tools