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For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

We recognize the need for dedicated full service and flexible specialty pharmacy partners. The competitive and tough healthcare environment, including barriers to medication access such as financial hardship, put patients at risk for not obtaining the drugs they need. Price Chopper Specialty Pharmacy ensures that, if a drug is prescribed, it is efficiently processed to minimize time to fill, eliminating the chance of the patient not starting therapy and maximizing adherence.

For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers:

  • Product distribution (injectable, oral, infused, inhaled)
  • Diverse payor base / pharmacy network participation
  • Inventory management
  • Pharmacy and medical billing
  • Administration of patient assistance programs
  • Prompt prescription triaging to an in-network pharmacy
  • Product launch and commercialization support
  • Patient and physician education
  • Drug training performed by pharmacist and nurses
  • Reporting to leading healthcare informatics companies
  • Custom data collection and reporting
  • Experience with drugs requiring REMS Program Management
  • Accessing and leveraging financial and copay assistance programs