Written by Jane Golub, Director In-Store Marketing Programs February 19, 2017 HEX PERFORMANCE ADVANCED LAUNDRY DETERGENT hex2017 is the year you reach those big health goals.  Hex is here to make sure your laundry room is part of that! Wait, laundry room?  Yup, you read it right!  Your bright new workout clothes are going to become sweaty piles of laundry and that jug of blue detergent isn’t going to get them clean.  Why not?  Because those detergents were built for yesterday’s fabrics. What’s different about this new laundry detergent? Hex started with tough-to-clean synthetic fabrics (like your workout clothes).  They found that since they clean those better than the legacy brands, everything else is easy! Learn more at hexperformance.com/transparency. With HEX, one detergent works for everything and you get a true clean on the first wash. They know you have something that stinks, so pick up HEX Performance today in the Laundry aisle!  Available in Single Dose or Liquid and Free + Clear or Fresh Clean Scent.                                 JNG/ Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs February 19, 2017 MARZETTI VINEYARD DRESSINGS marzettie-dressingsA complete line of wine inspired dressings to inspire the foodie in you! Inspired by the wine for perfect salad pairings, Vineyard Dressings are sure to be the toast of your table. Choose from Balsamic Cabernet – a balanced fusion of Cabernet and dark balsamic for a smooth creamy expression with hints of garlic and ground black pepper, or Dijon Champagne – well-structured with a unique blend of garlic, onion, white pepper accented with cracked brown mustard seed for a light refreshing flavor. Be sure to pick up a Marzetti Vineyard Dressing in the Refrigerated Dressings section of the Produce aisle.                                     JNG/