Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs May 22, 2016 NUTRISH DISH SUPER PREMIUM FOOD FOR DOGS Ask Rachael Ray and she’ll tell you that food is love – whether she’s creating recipes for her human friends or her furry friends.  And she would never make any recipe with ingredients that she wouldn’t eat herself.  That’s why every Nutrish recipe is made with simple wholesome ingredients.   RR dog food dishEvery Rachael Ray recipe is chock full of high-quality protein.   They choose lean, easily digestible proteins, which provide essential nutrients and amino acids to help support lean muscle mass and healthy organs.   Nutrish Dish Super Premium Food for Dogs provides high-quality proteins from chicken, beef and seafood to more novel proteins like bison and lamb meal.   It’s no coincidence the product is called Nutrish.  Every bag of Nutrish Dish Super Premium Food for Dogs contains simple natural ingredients like real meat and wholesome veggies plus vitamins and minerals.  There is no poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.  It’s just wholesome, good-for-your-dog food that tastes great.  And like all Nutrish foods, it’s 100% complete and balanced nutrition for dogs. Look for Nutrish Dish Super Premium Food for Dogs in the Pet Nutritional aisle. Written by Jane Golub Director In-Store Marketing Programs May 22, 2016 DEGREE MEN and WOMEN DEODORANTS AND ANTIPERSPIRANTS Degree Men and Women deodorants and antiperspirants with body-responsive technology offer long-lasting wetness and odor protection.  Degree Men and Women product lines are available in a variety of formats including Dry Spray antiperspirant, MOTIONSENSE Invisible Solid antiperspirant sticks, Clinical Protection and Dry Motion Protection collections. mens degree b&wThe MOTIONSENSE antiperspirant collection now also includes a variant called NEW Ultra Clear Black & White that addresses the #1 unmet deodorant need in the United States: white marks and yellow stains on clothing.  With an exclusive formula that contains anti-yellow stains and white marks sweat protection, Degree Men Ultra Clear Black & White Antiperspirant and Degree Women Ultra Clear Antiperspirant protects against unwanted marks or stains and utilizes exclusive MOTIONSENSE technology to maintain freshness as you move. NEW Degree ACTIVE SHIELD antiperspirant has a unique odor shield that fights the source of odor.  It offers antibacterial protection that eliminates over 90% of odor causing bacteria. Both Active Shield and Black & White are available in 3.8 oz. Dry Spray and 2.6 oz. – 2.7 oz. sizes for both Men and Women.  Find all 6 variants in the Deodorant Section of your favorite Price Chopper, Market32 or Market Bistro store.