Frequent Questions

Tools for Schools

Frequent Questions

Do I have to sign up again if I signed up in previous years?
If you enrolled last year, there is no need to re-enroll - but you should confirm your enrollment to be sure, and change your school if you wish.

Do I earn points on everything that I buy?
Almost everything* you buy will contribute points to your schools total. Earn double points on Price Chopper, PICS, TopCare, Simply Done, Full Circle, ValuTime and Paws items.

How much can my school earn?
Price Chopper has committed over $500,000 to this program with the goal of supporting schools in the communities we serve. The portion of what your school earns depends on the participation of supporters in the program.

Where do I find my school code?
Guest Services at Price Chopper has a book containing all the school codes, or use our online form to register and find your code.

How do my points increase my school’s share of the over $500,000?
You earn points every time you use your AdvantEdge Card. Your points are combined with the points of others who have also chosen to support your school. The total is compared to the totals earned by other schools to calculate what percentage of the over $500,000 your school will earn.

Must I have children in school to participate?
No. In fact, all shoppers are encouraged to help local schools get needed equipment through our Tools for Schools program. Support your community and enroll on behalf of your neighborhood school whether or not you have children attending school.

Can I check how many points I have earned?
Yes. Check your receipt for your Tools for Schools point balance.

My school isn't listed. What should I do?
Contact school officials and tell them about the program. If school administration supports the effort, your school is far more likely to earn needed equipment. School administrators can contact a Tools for Schools representative at (800) 352-4658.

What is the school program coordinator’s role?
Each school is asked to have a school program coordinator, whose role is to promote the program by distributing information in school, communicating the program goals and entering AdvantEdge Card numbers provided by parents into the program.

*Excludes alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, lottery tickets, gift cards, stamps, Tickets to go, tax and bottle deposits.


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