e-Coupon Help Guide

Below you will find FAQs regarding our newly redesigned AdvantEdge e-Coupons page. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

I have never had an account on pricechopper.com:

If you have never created an account for our website, pricechopper.com, then you will need to create one first.  From our homepage, click on the “Sign Up” link on the top left of the page.  From there, you will be asked to provide an email address and your AdvantEdge card number and be asked to create a password.  By creating an account on pricechopper.com you will now have access to many additional features, including the ability to access AdvantEdge e-Coupons.

How do I load coupons to my AdvantEdge card?

To load e-Coupons to your AdvantEdge card, simply browse through the e-Coupon selection and click “Save” on the coupons you want.


Is there a limit on how many AdvantEdge e-Coupons I can save?

No.  You can save as many e-Coupons as you would like.

Can I print a list of coupons that I've loaded to my card?

Yes.  To print a list of e-Coupons that are loaded to your card, click on the My Saved e-Coupons link on the left hand side of the page.  Once you are in the My Saved e-Coupons screen, there is a printer icon on the top right of the page.  Click this button to generate and print a list of coupons that are loaded to your card.*

*Please note: these coupons are PAPERLESS and they will be redeemed when your AdvantEdge card is scanned and the cashier hits Subtotal on the order. It is not necessary to take paper versions of these coupons to the store.


What is the difference between "Store Coupons" and "Manufacturer Coupons?"

AdvantEdge e-Coupons with the Price Chopper logo on them are store coupons, while e-Coupons without the Price Chopper logo are manufacturer coupons.  Per our coupon policy, you are able to use one Price Chopper store coupon (digital or paper) and one manufacturer coupon (digital or paper) per item.

Can I remove coupons from my AdvantEdge card that I no longer want?

You cannot remove e-Coupons from your account.  The coupons will automatically be removed once they expire if they’re not redeemed.

Why haven’t I been able to access e-Coupons from the Price Chopper mobile app since November 30th, 2014?

You do have to re-download Price Chopper’s mobile app after November 30th, 2014 to access e-Coupons.

I am having trouble accessing the Price Chopper app from my iPad.

The iPad specific app will be discontinued effective December 1st, 2014.  Our new iPhone app will function on all versions of the iPad.