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Catfish Etouffee
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Catfish Etouffee

Credit for this delicious recipe goes to Chef Jeff Walker from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  • Servings: 4


Blackening Seasoning
4 ea U.S. Farm-Raised catfish fillets
ea Black Pepper
ea Red Pepper
ea White Pepper
ea dry mustard
ea Dried Thyme
ea Thyme Leaves
ea Paprika
ea Onion Powder
ea Garlic Salt
ea Cumin
1 ea Red Pepper diced
1 ea Green Pepper diced
1 ea Yellow Bell Pepper
1 ea Yellow Onion chopped
1 cp Celery chopped
3 ea Bay Leaves
1/4 cp Flour
4 oz Butter
1 cp Tomato Sauce
1 cp Chicken Stock or Fish Stock
2 tbsp Blackened Seasoning


Blackened Seasoning

Combine equal amounts of the above Blackened Seasoning ingredients, mix thoroughly and lightly dust the catfish, sear over high heat in cast Iron pan.


Saut├ę the peppers, onions, and celery together in butter just until translucent, then add the flour and continue to cook stirring constantly until you have a nice blonde roux.

Then add the tomato sauce, blackened seasoning, stock and chopped tomato and continue to simmer until you have a nice rich stew.

Finish catfish in oven, arrange in casserole dish of your choice, Etouffee in the center or mix together and enjoy.