Frequently Asked Questions

What is a specialty medication?

Specialty medications are used to treat chronic and complex health conditions. Specialty medications can be complex to administer, have a high cost, and/or require special storage or handling.

Why is Price Chopper Pharmacy adding a specialty pharmacy service?

The expanded specialty pharmacy services will provide a more convenient and personalized service for those patients living with chronic and complex health conditions. Price Chopper Pharmacy has a dedicated team trained in providing personalized patient support, clinical care, and medication counseling all while still allowing the patient to access their medication at their local Price Chopper Pharmacy.

Will Price Chopper Specialty Pharmacy provide assistance to help me afford my specialty medication?

Yes, we will continually review eligibility for any available patient assistance programs to help patients afford their medications.

Does this affect how I will order my prescription refills?

No, you can always call in your prescription refills to your local Price Chopper Pharmacy. However, now you can expect someone from our specialty pharmacy team to be contacting you as soon as you near your refill date to review any concerns you may have with your treatment and to schedule a new refill of your medication.

Will Price Chopper Pharmacy be able to fill all my specialty medications?

Unfortunately, certain medications can only be filled by specialty pharmacis that have received permission, certification, and/or special training in order to fill them.If we cannot fill a prescription for you, Price Chopper Specialty Pharmacy will refer your prescription to an alternate specialty pharmacy provider that can. Price Chopper Pharmacy plans to continually work to gain access to as many specialty medications as possible. If you have a question regarding a specific medication please call our specialty pharmacy at 1-844-431-7277 (toll free).

Who can I call if I have additional questions?

Any of our local pharmacy teams can provide answers to questions you may have, or you may call 1-844-431-7277 (toll free).