FREE Antibiotics for Pets at Price Chopper!

By: Michael A. Zappone, Pharm.D.

Did you know that the same antibiotics that are FREE for humans are also FREE for pets? With our Price Chopper RxAdvantEdge Plan, antibiotics such as amoxicillin and cephalexin as well as the antifungal fluconazole are FREE at select strengths and quantities! If your pet gets sick and your veterinarian writes a prescription for an antibiotic or antifungal on our FREE Antibiotics List please come to Price Chopper to have it filled! Our pharmacists are very knowledgeable and will provide complete details of the program.

It is important to make sure your pet gets the complete dose of their medication to clear up an infection. To create a pleasant experience for your pet, use positive reinforcement and not punishment when giving them their antibiotic or antifungal. If the medication does not have to be taken on an empty stomach, give your pet a treat and praise them for being a good boy or girl. If medications can be given with food, tablets and capsules can be given in a small amount of bread or meat. This technique may not work with cats as the food is often eaten but the medication left behind.1

To help prevent reinfection, the environment the pet was exposed to should be treated as well. Pet owners should damp-mop or vacuum the exposed area rather than sweeping it. Rugs should be cleaned with a steamer and disinfected. Grooming tools should also be soaked in bleach.1

While not all antibiotics are covered under the program, it offers great alternatives to more expensive options such as doxycycline. Price Chopper also offers special pricing on ciprofloxacin 500 mg tablets with 14 pills for just $3.99. Let Price Chopper help your pets stay healthy by providing them with the antibiotics they need!


1. Caring for Dogs and Cats: A Primer for Community Pharmacists. Pharmacist’s Letter. [cited 21 Jun 2013].Volume 2012, Course No. 221.